The craziest birthday traditions form around the world

Birthdays are undoubtedly the most important days in our lives. We got this beautiful life to enjoy the sunshine of the morning, the cool breeze of the evening, and to gaze at stars in the night. Birthdays are the most unique ones and more than us, we need to thank our darling family or friends who leave no stones unturned in making this day a memorable one for us. Birthday presents and treats fill our day with utmost pleasure. But apart from treats, cakes, or gifts, there are much more ways to celebrate the birthday. In many weird ways, people celebrate the birthday in parts of the world. Know these traditions of birthday celebration in the following paragraphs.


It may surprise you in knowing that there no birthday in Vietnam like we all have. We calculate our age with the date, year, and month we are born. But in Vietnam, it is the Tet or the Vietnamese New Year that falls in January or February which is the birthday for all citizens in Vietnam. So, the newly born has to wait for the Tet to become one year old. This tradition is one of the unique ones as no one has to remember birthdates which are no less than a task.


Inauthentic Thai traditions, people visit the temple and make merit or give the gift. As per Buddhism, this giving quality is very important to be done on the birthday that works like a blessing to keep the current and upcoming lives prosperous. Very recently, Thai people also started to incorporate huge parties to celebrate birthdays, but this prayer in the temple is never missed.


If you are served a plate full of noodles on the birthday party, you are probably in China. Mostly in all other parts of the world, a cake or sweet is the most important thing people look up to for birthday celebration, but in China, noodles are served because, in their tradition, noodles are the image for a long, vibrant, and prosperous life. And you are touted to become more prosperous when you can slurp noodles into your mouth without biting them. The more noodles you can gulp this way, the richer and longer your life would be. Isn’t that weird?


In Australian tradition, the birthday food is a fairy bread. You can say this is a form of cake only. Bread is generously moistened with butter and then sprinklers are added to make a glittering affair.

It is really interesting to learn so many birthday traditions all across the world. If you have friends in any of these countries, you can get the presents for birthday after knowing the tradition of these countries.

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