To make gardening even simpler we have compiled a list for each month of the year.


Start planning for your garden, ensure you have watered all plants and grass. Providing a layer of manure or composting to your soil will give an extra support for the upcoming months.


We recommend you to spend time eliminating dead stems and wood from your plants and grasses. It is also the perfect time to start shaping any bushes or grass that has grown too much.


March is the month for you to transplant. Ensure you have chosen correct pot sizes, and ensure all your new and old plants are well watered.


It is time to support all those plants that have grown throughout the first three months of the year. With the help of some long wood supports, help them maintain their directions. Ensure all dead stems are cleared.


Check all your plants and garden for any plague of insects or bugs. This is the month they increase their activity and we do not want an infected garden to be infected. If there is any existing pest, treat them with correct method corresponding to the specific pest. Be careful around pets, the treatment can affect them negatively.


Continue to cut off dead stems and branches, ensure your plants are watered. Provide extra support for those that have grown. Consider cutting if necessary.


July is a tough month because of high temperatures. Ensure you water during the cool periods of the day and that all plants are receiving the exact amount of water they need.


If you have planted vegetables, this is the month to harvest. Enjoy your fresh collection of vegetables and ensure all dead parts are removed from the plant.


As winter is coming, in September ensure you provide extra nutrients with manure and compost. It is also time to plant evergreens, and to remove all summer plants from the main pots.


Fallen leaves can be utilized instead of thrown away. Let them sit in the soil and provide it with nutrients. If you have new plants, place them in more protected areas until they have grown a little.


Keep your garden clean. Clear out all dead stems and branches. Make sure your garden is resistant to heavy rain by shortening the grass and bushes.


If you are into Christmas decorations, this is the time to make your garden glow up! Ensure the Christmas plants are on the main area, and spend a little on decorations. It will give you an extra glimpse of joy!



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