Creative Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Lady

The holiday season is upon us; and although this is a beautiful time of year, it can also be an extremely stressful time of year. Especially when you have someone special in your life, the task of holiday shopping for this individual can seem daunting. The good news is shopping online has never been easier (or more enjoyable) with fast delivery dates right to your doorstep! We’ve put together a thoughtful list of holiday gift ideas for her to get you started:

Beauty Subscription Boxes

Still a relatively new concept to many consumers but it is taking the beauty and fashion industries by storm. Companies large and small are offering a monthly subscription service that delivers a box full of assorted clothing, trendy makeups, skin care products, etc. One of the most popular services is Birchbox, for as little as $10 per month they will ship you 5 beauty products in an assorted box for women or men. I think what makes this idea so intriguing is both the consistent delivery and the surprise appeal. Many of these services will send you a new assortment of products each month which is absolutely delighting consumers, especially women. Give it a try, if she likes it great! If not, most of these services are month-to-month so don’t sweat it.


Most women love to adorn themselves with jewelry, especially during special occasions like the holidays. I know, I know. You are probably thinking this one’s a gimme but most jewelry is just too expensive! I’ve been married for several years and this one was always a dilemma for me as well, buying diamonds from big name brands would make us go bankrupt. However, I have learned that if you shop smart you can find great deals on stunning jewelry at affordable prices from retailers like Duke’s Jewelers. They still have stunning collections but you won’t have a heart attack after seeing the price.

Chunky Wool Knits

Yep, you read that correctly – chunky wool knits. Arguably one of the most in-demand gifts this holiday season as the craze for arm knitted wool blankets, sweaters, beanies and scarves continue. The blankets are my personal favorite and the most popular after being featured on Business Insider this fall. If you haven’t seen them yet check out companies like Ohhio. They only use premium merino wool which makes it very soft to the touch and the blankets are massive in size. This makes for the perfect lounging gift for the long weekends during those frigid winter months. Did I mention how soft they are? If your lady loves snuggling, curling up to read a book, or just enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate in her pajamas on the weekends this is an excellent gift for her. Who knows, she might even be kind enough to share some of it with you!

Tote Bags

If you’ve ever traveled with a woman you will have learned that most of them can’t go anywhere without their purse or bag full of the essentials for the day. Why not give her a gift she will actually use on a regular basis? Tote bags are very fashionable right now with a deep stitch design and a sturdy build. (Perfect for carrying everything she needs around even on her busiest days) Most of them are waterproof and lightweight as well, which is a must have if you live in one of the colder states. Did I mention they are affordably priced? That’s right, you can find fashionable tote bags for as little as $20 on Amazon and other online stores. If you are on a budget but still want to get your lady something she will love this is an excellent choice.

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